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32 Poems

As a rule, we publish shorter poems, 32-lines or less, though we have been known to make occasional exceptions to accommodate remarkable work that runs a little longer.

8 Poems

We publish 8 new poems every month.  We want poems from everybody! 

Acropolis Journal

We tend to prefer to read poems under two pages, but we’re flexible. If you’re not sure what it is, or it’s more of a hybrid piece, send it to us anyway.


All poems are considered on merit. We welcome unpublished poems, translations of poems, articles, and debates on poetry covering a wide variety of topics and with different writing styles.  Please read this guide to get the best out of submitting your work to Acumen.

The Adriatic

We welcome submissions from all poets, whether you’ve been published a hundred times, or never been published before- we want to hear from everyone!


Alba accepts original, previously unpublished submissions via email ( We do not accept paper submissions. We publish short poetry twelve or fewer lines in length (though we may make occasional exceptions to this rule). We have a preference for free verse as opposed to established forms such as haiku and tanka.

Arc Poetry

Arc accepts unso­licited sub­mis­sions of pre­vi­ously unpub­lished poetry in English, or translations of poetry into English, on any sub­ject, and in any form.

Autumn Sky Poetry Daily

Send ONE poem in the body of an email to with SUBMISSION in the subject heading (no cover letter).


Ballast reads poetry submissions year-round and publishes online three to four times a year. 

Beloit Poetry Journal

We seek unpublished poems or translations of poems not already available in English. (If you submit translations, please also include the poems in their original language.)

The Big Windows Review

The Big Windows Review seeks poems primarily but will also consider short prose. We prefer work that is beautiful and/or strange, whatever that might mean to you.

BlueHouse Journal

Send us all your queries, wanderings, wonderings, coming to’s, coming back from’s, who knows, who says, who feels, who cares. Send us your thought out and thought around and thought through questions and quandaries. Piles of question, batches of questions, single questions resonating like bells, questions and answers and questions left hanging. BlueHouse Journal is an experimental poetry and hybrid journal focusing in the formation of the written self.

Boats Against The Current

Poetry submissions accepted


You may submit up to five poems of any length. 

Bombfire Lit

Poetry and Visual Art.  We want your weird, surreal, funny, spooky, beautiful, and dreamy, we mean we want only your BEST in those categories. Polished, final drafts. And then light our fuse with what you’ve got. We love unforgettable opening lines.

Boxcar Poetry Review

Send us 3-5 previously unpublished poems. Simultaneous submissions ok. Please wait for a response before sending a second submission.

Cacti Fur

Include all poems in the body of your email.  We prefer all lines left-justified.  A cover letter is optional


Send up to 5 poems (.DOCX) or pieces of art/photography (JPEG) & a brief bio to Simultaneous submissions are encouraged.

Celestite Poetry

Celestite poetry is unthemed and open to anyone who writes creatively. We accept creative writing of all forms.

Cider Press Review

Cider Press Review, a journal of contemporary poetry, seeks to discover  and publish the best of new poetry written in English. CPR actively  seeks new original work and translations into English from both  established and emerging poets. Our only criterion is excellence.

Clade Song

At Clade Song we are interested in the evolution of poetry from the phoneme outwards, from raw, exclamatory yelping to the insect hymns sung to enshrine the concrete and the nonce. 

Contemporary Verse 2

Poetry submissions: no more than 6 pages.
Interviews: no more than 6-8 pages in length, double-spaced.
Articles: no more than 3-4 pages, double-spaced.
Essays: no more than 2-4 pages, double-spaced.
Reviews should be 600-1000 words, double-spaced. (Between ½ and 2 pages long.)

Copihue Poetry

Priority is given to work previously unpublished in English, English translation, or Spanish. We will consider previously published pieces from outside of the United States that have received limited international exposure. If you do send something like this, please note the original venue in your cover letter.

Cortland Review

The Cortland Review considers poetry, translations, and book reviews. Send us your best work! We accept simultaneous submissions, but kindly ask that you notify us as soon as possible when you have placed submitted work elsewhere.

Dear Poetry Journal

Your poems should identify their dears, whether by direct dedication, title, and/or contents.  Your dears can be anyone or anything; we are up for your creative interpretations, just so long as you’re on theme.


We welcome all genres of poetry; reject any promotion of intolerance, hatred or fear.

Eye to the Telescope

Looking for speculative poetry.  Speculative poetry is poetry that falls within the genres of science fiction, fantasy, and supernatural horror, plus some related genres such as magic realism, metafiction, and fabulation.


Faber accepts direct poetry submissions. If you are interested in submitting your poetry please send six examples of your work to:
If you have not heard from us within eight weeks, unfortunately, your submission has not been successful.


First Frost

We only publish haiku and senyru


Foundry publishes a range of styles and forms, from short lyric poems to prose poems and longer narratives. We are drawn to poems that feel as much as they think.

Fourteen Poems

We want to represent all that’s thrilling about the new wave of LGBTQ+ poets. If you’re a poet, even if you’ve never been published before, we want to read your work

Frontier Poetry

  • Submissions are open to new and emerging poets only  (no more than two full-length published works forthcoming at the time of submission—email us about self-published works)
  • We accept simultaneous submissions—just please send us a note if your work is picked up elsewhere 
  • All submissions must be no more than 10 pages and no more than 5 poems.

Gingerbread House

We are dedicated to publishing quality poetry & flash prose with a magical/folkloric/fairytale element. 

Grand Little Things

GLT is looking for formal poetry, be it a tried and true form or an invented/nonce form. Blank and free verse will also be considered, assuming there are other aspects of standard versification.  This means that GLT will read things like a sonnet, metrical poetry, lyric poetry, narrative poetry, haiku, villanelle, etc. And just to reiterate: if your poem doesn’t fall into such stringent guidelines, BUT has a strong sense of versification, it will be considered.


GRAVITON wants your finest POETRY or ART that is based loosely around science.  Send a third-person bio & in one sentence your favourite conspiracy &/or theory. 

Ground Journal

GROUND seeks poems based on objects that we find, keep, and cherish — objects that, by virtue of their physical, immaterial, or contextual energies, imbue our lives with importance. 

Haiku in Action

Haiku in Action is the poetry journal of the Nick Virgilio Haiku Association. We publish haiku and senryu on a weekly basis. Poems can be based off of our prompts, but can also be general submissions. We don’t believe in finger counting haiku, and accept poems that are shorter than the traditional 5/7/5 form without having to be associated with nature.

Hole In The Head Review

Hole In The Head Review is committed to publishing the best contemporary poetry and visual art. We publish emerging and established artists, photographers, and writers.

The Hollins Critic

The Hollins Critic reads poetry from September 10 through December 1. Poems should be no more than a page in length and may not be from current Hollins students. Only poetry submissions will be read.

Indefinite Space

From minimalist to avant-garde---open to innovative, imagistic, philosophical, experimental creations---poetry,  drawings,  collage,  photography, paintings.  Reads year round, guidelines do not exist

Identity Theory

Without granting preference to any style or school, we seek original, unpublished poetry that engages the reader with a strong voice, no matter what voice is venerated within the poem. The confessional, the political, the humorous, the serious, the narrative and the lyrical are all equally welcomed contributors to the website and to the synthesis of poetry

The Journal of Undiscovered Poets

While undiscovered does not necessarily mean unpublished, and previously published poems will be considered, the journal is interested in poems by writers striving to enter the world of published poets. All ages, levels of education and life experience are welcome.  Submissions are open all year and entries will be held for review for the upcoming issue. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable but let us know promptly if work becomes unavailable. You will never be asked for a submission fee.

The Lake

Submit up to five poems within the body of an email or attach one Word document with POETRY SUBMISSION in the Subject line. Please also include a short third person biography (50 words max.). If you have a publication or personal web site then you can also include a link to the site. I will respond to all submissions within two to three weeks. If after that time you haven't heard from me let me know via email.

Last Leaves Magazine

Send 3-5 poems as a single Word (.doc or .docx) attachment. Please start each poem on a new page.

Lily Poetry Review

The Lily Poetry Review is interested in promoting contemporary poets, poetry, art, flash fiction and literary citizenship.

Liminality: A Magazine of Speculative Poetry

Liminality is an online quarterly magazine of speculative poetry

Lotus Eater Magazine

We accept year-round submissions of work in the English language. Although we prefer to receive unpublished pieces, reprints are also acceptable if older than 3 years. Each issue will be published online as a free downloadable PDF.  Before you submit, please take a look at the previous issues in order to get an idea of the kind of writing we are looking for. We CRAVE originality and experimentation.

The Madrigal

At the moment, the madrigal is only publishing poetry, with hopes for the eventual expansion of content. we enjoy reading work that is emotive, delicate, sincere, and familiar, filled with themes and motifs of beauty and introspection that resonate deeply with the reader.


We welcome poems that have not been previously published, either in print or online. Poems may be sent via Submittable or by post if you live in the UK. Postal submissions are not acknowledged until a decision is made.


We accept up to two pieces of prose and five poems per submission. Please submit prose pieces as separate documents and poems in a single document. 
Please keep each submission under 7,500 words.   Include a brief bio with your work. Please attach your submissions as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf.

The Minison Project

Attach up to 3 poems in a single .DOC, or .DOCX format.  Each poem should begin on a new page.

Mudlark: An Electronic Journal of Poetry & Poetics

As our full name, Mudlark: An Electronic Journal of Poetry & Poetics, suggests, we will consider accomplished work that locates itself anywhere on the spectrum of contemporary practice. We want poems, of course, but we want essays, too, that make us read poems (and write them?) differently somehow. Although we are not innocent, we do imagine ourselves capable of surprise


MudRoom publishes poetry of all types.

My Woven Poetry

Send poems of not more than twenty lines to as an attachment in doc format

New Note Poetry

Poetry only. We believe that poetry is the jazz of the written word. Therefore, we are open to all styles except for metered rhyme or epic poems. We will reject those outright. We're not saying that kind of poetry is bad, but there is plenty of that out there. We seek fresh voices with unique perspectives. We want to see poets who break the mold and play with language, poetic form, and themes. We love the experimental and avant-garde but we also appreciate seeing modern deconstructions of classic poetic forms. No subject or theme is too far-fetched for us.

The New Verse News

Send unpublished poems in the body of an email (NO ATTACHMENTS) to No simultaneous submissions. Use "Verse News Submission" as the subject line. Send a brief bio. No payment. Authors retain all rights after 1st-time appearance here. Scroll down the right sidebar for the fine print.

Night Coffee Lit

Night Coffee is looking for your poetry, art, and ephemera to publish in our magazine.

Olney Magazine

We won't exclude any form or genre of poetry, but we do tend to gush over poems that tell us a story.

One Sentence Poems

As you might guess, we publish poems consisting of a single sentence.


Looking for works that have some connection to music. Needs poetry (submit up to 3 poems), fiction, and nonfiction. “Poems can be either lyrical or narrative, and the connection to music can be subtle or explicit. We especially like the weird and the sincere.” 

The Origami Poems Project

The Origami Poems Project has been publishing microchaps of poetry since 2009. This is our 13th year providing free poetry! We're a Domestic Non-Profit Corporation registered in the State of Rhode Island with our 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Federal designation as of 2013.

Read the poetry on the Home page to get a feel for what publish.

Please do NOT submit your 'pre-formatted' microchap. We prefer a Word document.

The Orchards Poetry Journal

While we encourage rhymed verse in traditional forms, we also accept finely wrought free verse. Send up to three poems, preferably unpublished. Please send your poems in a word document (not a pdf) and attach it to your email. Include your name and a fifty-word biography, inside the word document. Previously published poems are acceptable.

Otis Nebula

Otis Nebula publishes incandescent, substantial work that surprises itself. Though we primarily publish poetry, we’re open to all forms and have always been a refuge for underrepresented voices.


Oversound considers submissions 9/1 through 11/30. Please submit three to five poems (of any length) as a single .doc or .pdf attachment along with a cover letter and short bio. Be sure to include your name and email address in the header of your submission (as in: put your name on the actual document we download).


  • For poetry and visual art, please send six to twelve pages.
  • For sound, please do not send more than three files; MP3s at 128k are sufficient.
  • For video, please send up to six pieces.

Pedestal Magazine

Accepting submissions of poetry. No restrictions on theme, style, length, or genre. Please submit up to five (5) poems and include all work in a single file.

Phantom Kangaroo

Phantom Kangaroo accepts poetry in all forms and styles, as long as the subject matter is esoteric, paranormal, surreal, mystical, or supernatural. 

Poet Lore

We have a mission of discovery at Poet Lore. Therefore, every submission is read without regard to reputation by our team of readers and editors. Please send us your best work.

Poetic Sun

We like poems with concrete imagery and strong emotions; We like poems that surprise us and make us weep like soft children; We like beautiful music flowing in your lines. 
No racism or sexism please. 

Poetry London

Poetry London is a leading international magazine, where new names share pages with acclaimed contemporary poets. We also publish a wide range of poetry in translation.

Poetry Magazine

Please send only one submission at a time per category, and wait until you hear back from us before uploading a new submission. We are eager to provide ample time and space for everyone’s voices to be considered, so if you do send multiple submissions, they will be archived unread and will receive no response.

Poetry Northwest

After more than 60 years, we remain committed to publishing the best in contemporary poetry, especially work willing to take risks and push readers to the emotional and intellectual edge of what poetry makes possible. We are staunch advocates for our writers, and poems published in our magazine often appear later in the pages of the Pushcart Prize and Best American anthologies.

Poetry Online

Poetry Online has no strict poetry style or theme. We accept both poetry and visual poetry, traditional and experimental. For a hint at what we enjoy, check out our Read page.
For written poetry, we ask that you submit 1-5 poems in .doc, .docx, or .pdf format. There is no line limit.
Visual poems and cine poetry/video art may be submitted in additional imaging formats, including .png, .jpg, .mp4, .m4v, & .mov.


Discovering, bringing new poets from obscurity, is why Prospectus exists. The term Prospectus comes from Latin, meaning to look ahead or foresee. We seek the work of previously unpublished yet promising poets and present it with taste and dignity to an enlightened audience. Our magazine is published twice a year, in June and December.

Radar Poetry

Submit 3-5 original, previously unpublished poems in a single document. We read blind, so please ensure there is no identifying information on the document that contains your poems. You should include a cover letter and a brief bio in the comments box. We welcome translations as long as all necessary rights have been secured by the translator.

Rat’s Ass Review

Rat’s Ass Review will accept art and poetry submissions during the following scheduled submission periods:  
January 1 through February 1 for the Spring-Summer Issue,
July 1 through August 1 for the Fall-Winter issue.


  • Rattle publishes unsolicited poetry and translations.
  • General submissions are open year-round, always welcomed, and always free. Despite their growing prevalence in the literary community, we do not believe in submission fees and never will.

Red Eft Review

I will consider all forms (of poetry); however, I prefer shorter poems written in free verse.

Rough Diamond Poetry

Please send us your poetry! rough diamond is about giving poets voices without thinking about particular styles or subjects – we are simply looking for the best poetry for our journal. We want poems from everywhere and about absolutely anything – please just make sure they’re written in English. We aren’t charging submission fees and are not able to pay contributors but we hope to expose, encourage and excite!

Scan Me Poetry

We can't wait to read your writing for the next issue! Before you send it to us, so we can gather submissions together into a (free) digitally available collection, we've got a few guidelines below about formatting, etc

Shot Glass Journal

Shot Glass Journal is an on-line poetry journal devoted to short poetry. The journal focuses on both free verse and form poetry of 16 lines or less

Southern Poetry Review

Southern Poetry Review welcomes previously unpublished poetry submissions from all writers. We read year-round and respond within three months.

Spelt Magazine

We are looking for poetry and creative non-fiction that has something to say about the rural experience. 

Star Line

 For Star*Line, ideally, you would send 3–5 poems at a time, single-spaced, pasted into the body of one e-mail, no oftener than once per month. “Do not send multiple submissions” means not to send another submission until the first has received a reply. We also don’t want to see one poem on the heels of another, sent individually.

Stick Figure Poetry

 We prefer work that is down-to-earth and easily accessible with lots of layers and complexity buried beneath. 

Strong Verse

  • Poems may be in any form. Free Verse is neither required nor given special preference. Formal poetry is recognized and welcomed. Translations are welcome if the translator has permission from the owner of the copyright.
  • Poems may be of any length, though an epic may not get read for quite a while.


Please send at most five poems in a single Word (.docx) file. There is no line or page limit. If your poem uses unconventional formatting, feel free to send it as a .pdf file as well.

the tide rises

we want your poetry, whatever that means to you. our only requirement is that it is at least loosely based on Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem "the tide rises, the tide falls" in structure, theme, or subject.


We are looking for fantastical poetry of literary and emotional depth from a diversity of voices and perspectives. Our definition of fantastical is quite fluid, encompassing fantasy, magic realism, myth, folklore, surrealism, and slipstream.


We believe in showcasing the best work we receive. We will present a select number of poems per edition.  We recommend reading current and archived issues to familiarize yourself with the poetry we select for publication.

Thuya Poetry Review

We accept all types of poetry submissions.


Trampoline welcomes submissions of poetry year-round. 

Trouvaille Review

Trouvaille Review invites poets from around the world to send us their poetry. We accept poems from people of all ages, including first-timers to experienced poets.


We seek prose poems. (We do not publish lined poetry.) Both traditional and innovative works are welcome

Up The Staircase

Submit 3-6 poems in a single document.  Submit up to 10 files for art.

Verse of April

Verse of April invites contributions year-round but will publish uniquely each spring. Please find below our current call for submissions.


Versification publishes MICRO PUNK POETRY (5 lines or less & yes, we can bend slightly on this if your work is badass).


Send 1 to 3 poems (of any length, but please assume I do not have the time or mental alacrity to read an entire epic poem)

Winter Tangerine

Winter Tangerine is not married to a specific aesthetic, Winter Tangerine is concerned with the way a poet’s positionality affects the way they render the content of a poem.


While we are deeply committed to poetry, Wordgathering also accepts short essays and short works of creative nonfiction (CNF), fiction, excerpts, and drama, as well as art, photography, comics, short videos, music, and suggested books for potential review. 

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