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Mixed Genres

These publications accept all forms of writing: Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, etc. 

All of these markets accept fiction, and most accept poetry submissions!

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1001 Journal

1001 is an annual print journal that publishes poetry, prose, comics, and hybrid image+text   

10,000 Minds on Fire

We publish previously unpublished fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, hybrid genre writing, and visual art.
Send us your unshared essays, the poems you love that don’t quite “fit”, and the visual experiments that turned your view of the world upside down. If the process of making your work set your heart on fire, we want to read it, we want to see it, and we want to give it a home.

3:AM Magazine

Criticism, nonfiction, fiction, poetry, essays, interviews  

3 Elements Literary Review

We are a themed literary journal, and all THREE elements (the specific words, Mercy, Town square, Frost —art & photography excluded) given for the submission period must be included in your story or poem for your work to be considered for publication. NO EXCEPTIONS WHATSOEVER.  Your story or poem doesn’t have to be about the three elements or even revolve around them; simply use your imagination to create whatever you want. You can use any form of the words/elements for the given submission period. For example, if the elements are: Flash, Whimsy, and Seizure; we would accept the usage of Flashed, Whimsical, and Seizures.



We accept general submissions of non-fiction, fiction, poetry, and visual art. We also are now seeking interviews, reviews and criticism for our “Notes” channel (See further guidelines on notes below). We are particular interested in non-fiction at the moment. 


5×5 is an online literary journal that publishes poetry and prose of 500 words or less. We also feature photography. We publish twice a year (Winter & Summer).

A Velvet Giant

A Velvet Giant is an online literary journal. We love ambiguity: flash pieces, found pieces, cross-genre experiments, the "poem" that thinks it might be a story, the "story" that thinks it might be a poem.


Please submit in ONE category only.  Prose and poetry should be pasted in the body of the email. If your poems require special formatting, you may send an attachment.

Abandon Journal

We want to showcase writing and artwork that has been created with abandon. That term is free to be interpreted liberally, but ideally, it is the kind of work that takes risks, created in a space wherein the artist doesn’t care what anyone else thinks or what everyone else is doing. This means that we’re open to so-called “genre fiction,” from mystery to sci-fi to romance to fantasy to horror to whatever strikes your fancy. As long as the writing is powerful and abandons the preconceived notions of what is expected, we want to read it.


About Place Journal

Poetry/Lyric: up to 3 pieces. Fiction, essays, creative nonfiction, and other prose. Audio/Visual artwork: up to 5 photos, paintings, prints, or other forms of art.

Academy of the Heart and Mind

Academy of the Heart and Mind wants to feature your work! Are you a writer or artist looking to get publicity and get your work seen and reviewed? Send us submissions! We are accepting the following:

  • Short Fiction (under 25 double-spaced typed pages or 6,000 words)
  • Short Non-fiction (under 25 double-spaced typed pages or 6,000 words)
  • Poetry (up to 10 distinct poems)

The Adroit Journal

We are ready for your best work. Prose, poetry, art, interviews, and reviews.

Aethlon: The Journal of Sport Literature

Aethlon publishes works about sport and sports literature, including original fiction and poetry, juried scholarly and critical essays, and book reviews.

After Dinner Conversation

Read the instructions below to make sure you are submitting the type of writing we are looking for. The best short story in the world will get turned down if it isn’t the kind of thing we are looking for. Basically, we are looking for The Trolley Problem in short story form. The Waiting Room is a GREAT example of the kind of thoughtful, well written, story we love that we have previously published.  As You Wish is a good example of the type of children’s story we publish.

After Happy Hour Review

After Happy Hour is not limited to any particular genre and encourages poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and visual art.  Our headquarters are based in Pittsburgh, but the journal is not exclusive to Pittsburgh-based writers.  Be bold and take risks, make an impact and make it early.  

Afternoon Visitor

GENRES: poetry, hybrid/nonfiction, visual poetry, visual art!

After The Pause

Submissions accepted year-round. Online issues of poetry, flash fiction, and art published quarterly (March, June, September, December).

Agapanthus Collective

Poetry, flash fiction, photography, and visual arts are accepted for review.


We look for writing that catches experience before the crusts of habit form—poetry and prose that resist ideas about what a certain kind of writing “should do.” We seek out writers who tell their truths in their own words and convince us as we read that we’ve found something no one else could have written.


We are looking for new and innovative works of literary arts across all mediums and genres.

Alaska Quarterly Review

Alaska Quarterly Review is a literary journal devoted to contemporary literary art, publishing fiction, short plays, poetry, photo essays, and literary non-fiction in traditional and experimental styles. It is published by the University of Alaska Anchorage in partnership with the Center for the Narrative and Lyric Arts. The editors encourage new and emerging writers while continuing to publish award-winning and established writers. 

All Guts, No Glory

We are interested in what’s dear to you. we want your bedroom poetry, your Tumblr-era alt-pop musings, your manifestos, and your dreams.  We offer a $5 honorarium for accepted writing and art.  

Amarillo Bay

We seek the highest quality fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction written in English anywhere in the world. Our editors will consider submissions from both unpublished and established authors.

Submissions may be sent in the body of an e-mail and/or as an attachment in any common file format such as doc or rtf (but not docx). Poets, we require your poems to be in the e-mail, or together as one single attachment. Simultaneous submissions OK with notification.

Aniko Magazine

Aniko Magazine publishes poetry, flash fiction, short stories and creative nonfiction by writers from Australia and around the world. 

The Antigonish Review

TAR is open to poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and translation submissions.


Please submit your creative prose work (fiction or creative nonfiction) or poetry through this portal: bear in mind that the primary focus of this site is scholarly articles, so ignore any fields in the submission process that do not make sense for a creative work (abstract, key words, etc.). Do attach your work as a Word document or RTF file only.

Apple Valley Review

We consider short stories, flash fiction, personal essays/creative nonfiction, poetry, and prose poetry.

The Arcanist

We’re a digital literary magazine that focuses on fantasy, sci-fi, and horror flash fiction.  


Archetype strives to publish the best essays, poetry, fiction, interviews, reviews, impassioned musings, photography, and art by both emerging and established writers and artists.

Arcturus Magazine

We accept unsolicited submissions year-round of fiction, flash fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and hybrid genres.

Atlas & Alice

We are a magazine interested in intersections.  Chief among them are the meetings-up of science and the arts, prose and poetry, and any piece that seems to do more than one thing at once.

Atticus Review

Fiction, nonfiction, poetry is accepted for consideration.

Auditory Press

Poetry, fiction, flash fiction, and art are accepted for consideration.

Avatar Review

We publish poetry, short fiction, essays, visual art and prose poems. We look first for the finely crafted piece and believe in Pound’s dictum, “Fundamental accuracy of statement is the sole morality of writing.” We’re open to all forms, but have a bias toward clear, concise, understandable work that communicates, surprises or disturbs-writing that bears witness to the world we live in.


We accept poetry, fiction, and visual art

Backslash Literature

We are looking for pieces that use digital and electronic mediums as a vessel for creativity, including but not limited to source code poetry, hypertext poetry, interactive fiction, ASCII art, and generative art. We welcome pieces that step out of the box and don’t fit into one particular category.

Bad Poetry

We accept poetry, fiction, and nonfiction

BALLOONS Literary Journal

We are primarily looking for quality materials for school-aged readers from around 12 years onwards. Having said that, we won't be too excited seeing conventional materials for children. Rather than writing anything specifically for BLJ's readers, you should consider if we could find in your submission, however complex and philosophical, the elements that could enlighten and amaze the young minds.

The Baltimore Review

Please review the editors' preferences and tips to writers. We may not be able to completely pin down what we want—and we do want to be taken pleasantly by surprise—but you may find the quotes helpful. And please take a little time to read some of the work in our current and past issues.

When you submit your work, please include a brief bio to introduce yourself.


Poetry, Flash Fiction, Art, and Photography accepted for consideration.

Banshee Press

Banshee welcomes submissions from both Irish and international writers of any background, including first-time writers. We welcome work from members of groups or communities typically under-represented within literature, whether or not the work addresses this.  
All submissions should be previously unpublished. 
Our guideline word count for stories and essays is max of 5000 words. Flash fiction should be under 1000 words, poems no more than 40 lines.

Barely South Review

Barely South Review seeks original, unpublished works of nonfiction, poetry, short fiction, and art. 

Barrelhouse Review

Fiction, poetry, CNF, comics, book reviews, AND MORE!

Barren Magazine

Barren Magazine accepts flash fiction, short fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction about the complexities of the human condition. We also accept photography — all images in Barren Magazine are original works and not stock photography. 

Barrio Beat

Please only submit one piece at a time, and wait for a response before submitting other work. Please include your entire submission as one file. If your submission includes images or photographs, please make sure that you own the rights to them and embed them within your submission.

Barstow & Grand

Barstow & Grand eagerly welcomes submissions of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and hybrid text genres from writers with some connection–any connection–to the Upper Midwest, USA.

Bayou Magazine

Click the Submittable button to see all submission information for Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, and Visual Art,

Belle Hombre

We accept many genres, please check our submissions page.

Bellevue Literary Review

The BLR seeks high-caliber, unpublished work, broadly and creatively related to our themes of health, healing, illness, the mind, and the body. We encourage you to read BLR before you submit. General submissions are accepted year-round. The annual BLR Literary Prizes are open for submission March through July each year. 

Bending Genres

We seek thrilling, fanciful, oddball, unusual, stunning fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction pieces.

Bennington Review

We aim to stake out a distinctive space for innovative, intelligent, and moving fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, film writing, and cross-genre work.

Berkeley Fiction Review

Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, visuals, and comics

Bethlehem Writers Roundtable

We are looking for work in many genres of fiction, memoir, and poetry.

Big City Lit

Our word limit for fiction and creative non-fiction (personal essay, book reviews) is 5,000 words. Novel excerpts will only be considered if they can stand alone. We accept flash fiction with a 1000 word maximum. For poetry, please send up to 5 pages of poems (only 1 per page). Poems longer than 1 page are acceptable but do not submit multiple poems on a single page. Do not submit more than 5 poems.


Birdfeast accepts submissions of any genre. Send us your poetry, fiction, nonfiction, hybrid works, visual poetry, translations, erasures, grocery lists, dream journals, and gardening tips.

Biscuit Root Drive

We are a literary journal open to poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, short plays, & visual art.

The Bitter Oleander Press

As always, your work should be as imaginative as possible, not bound by any conventional attitudes outside yourself, while inspiring yourself as you write. Once you've done that, slip those exact poems (no more than eight please) or pieces of fiction into the appropriate file and attach it for our consideration.

Black Cat Magazine

Black Cat Magazine is a speculative art and literary magazine based in Eugene, Oregon that focuses on speculative fiction, poetry, and art. We love and are partial to fantasy and science fiction genres and subgenres, but we are open to publishing anything that moves us.

Black Fox Literary Magazine

Black Fox is s a print and online biannual publication featuring quality fiction of all styles and genres, poetry, and nonfiction.   We also accept posts for our blog.

Blood Orange Review

Blood Orange Review publishes writers of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Our editors want writing that changes us and challenges us to redefine our sense of perspective. We look for compelling voices and work that demonstrates attention to the page. We are thrilled when we publish someone for the first time, and though our journal is modestly-sized and our selection is competitive, we encourage both emerging and established writers to submit.

The Blotter Magazine

Send what, you ask? Short prose (stories and nonacademic essays), Poetry, Photojournalism/-essay, Journalism and monthly columns that go beyond or beneath the pabulum you're expected to enjoy, Comix, and Fine art that would reproduce well on newsprint. We'd like you to try to send stuff that is somehow resonant with what we have already published, but frankly, sometimes you know better than we do what we want. We do endeavor to be apolitical — bear that in mind.

The Bluebird Word

Almost any topic is game. We seek writing that tells a story brimming with emotions and lets the reader reflect and linger.
At this time, submissions must be in English. All submissions must be new writing.

Blue Earth Review

Blue Earth Review publishes fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. We try to publish the very best submissions we receive.


We accept features, episodic pilots, and short film scripts.

Blue Marble Review

For writers ages 13-22: Blue Marble Review is published four times a year and accepts submissions of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, essays, opinion pieces, travel writing, photography, and art on a rolling basis. We are looking for new work that hasn’t been published anywhere else either online or in print. 

Blue Mesa Review

Blue Mesa Review accepts previously unpublished work in Fiction (up to 6,000 words), Nonfiction (up to 6,000 words), Poetry (up to 3 poems), and Visual Art.

Blue Morpho Review

We are looking for pieces by talented high school students who have important messages to share. We accept submissions of fiction or creative nonfiction, poetry, photography, and art


Bluepepper welcomes submissions of up to three poems, or articles and stories of up to 1500 words. All submissions should be accompanied by a brief bio.

The Blue Route

We want good, highly imaginative writing about contemporary life as you see it. We’re not interested in genre writing (romance, detective, horror, sci-fi) unless it somehow rises above the conventions associated with those types of writing.


Please submit no more than 5 poems at one time, or one short story (or 1-3 flash pieces in the same file), or one creative nonfiction essay. Fiction / prose / essays should be no longer than 5,000 words.


We're seeking previously unpublished poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. 

The Boiler

Fiction, CNF, and Poetry.  Check submission periods on our website.  Send us your best stuff. Show us how it does under pressure

The Bombay Review

Fiction, nonfiction, poetry is accepted for consideration.

Border Crossing

We’re especially interested in writing that crosses boundaries in genre or geography, and voices that aren’t often heard in mainstream publications. 

Boston Literary Magazine

Send ONE poem or short fiction (word limit is 250) in the body of the email (we don't open attachments.) 


Boulevard strives to publish only the finest in fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. While we frequently publish writers with previous credits, we are very interested in less experienced or unpublished writers with exceptional promise.


Bracken is looking for poetry and art that fit the aesthetic of the magazine. We may solicit cover art at our discretion.

Brazenhead Review

Brazenhead Review is interested in all forms of literature, especially those texts that are uncategorizable, boundary-breaking, and multiplicitous.

Breath & Shadow

Breath & Shadow only accepts work from people with disabilities.  Breath & Shadow accepts writing on any topic for poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and drama; these pieces do not have to be "about" disability. However nonfiction, academic, and similar articles (profiles, interviews, opinion pieces) do have to relate to disability in some way.  We accept all forms of poetry, with a limit of 3 poems per submission. In addition to written work, poets may also submit audio/video links to performances of their work. Youtube and Soundcloud are preferred services, although we are open to other sources.  

Brittle Paper

We accept fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, book reviews, essays, literary commentaries, fun listicles, and any writing with a literary bent.

Broadsided Press

Broadsided seeks poetry and prose that is evocative, riveting, and not too esoteric.

The Broken City

The Broken City will—at least briefly—consider any type of submission, the most common being: poetry, fiction, essays, comics, illustrations, photography, music/book reviews.

Broken Pencil

Broken Pencil is looking for works of fiction from diverse writers (broadly defined) that conform to no principles, no guidelines, and no preconceptions. We want work that is quirky, surprising, moving, and raw. Take us on a walk off the beaten path. Show us some strange and wonderful things.

Bullshit Lit

We want to see the work you haven't sent to other lit mags because you know it's just not working. Your shitty prose, fucked-up line breaks, abandoned sketches, nonsensical plots, and so on. Everybody else wants your best—we want your worst. We especially like it when shit gets weird.

Burningword Literary Journal

Burningword Literary Journal accepts poetry, flash fiction, flash nonfiction, photography, and digital art submissions for publication. 

Burnt Breakfast

Everything that is submitted will be considered equally, regardless of your age, gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity or current level of education, so everyone has a fair chance at being included.  There is no preference to which medium you choose to submit,

C*nsorship Magazine

C*nsorship Magazine is a literary magazine all about censorship. Clue’s in the name. We take inspiration from the little magazines of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. We welcome poetry, prose and visual art, as experimental as they come!

The Cabinet Of Heed

The Cabinet of Heed is a free monthly online literary journal that publishes excellent short stories, poetry, and flash fiction.

Call Me [ ]

Call us Progress because we want to celebrate your momentum, real or imaginary. We want the stories forged in the chaos of last year. The poetry dredged from the depths one spoonful at a time. The work that crawled its way out of the gloom. So, send us the new, the weird, the hopeful, the boundary-breaking, the first gallant tries and the marvelous fails that have brought you to where you are now.

The Capilano Review

We accept submissions of poetry (to a maximum of 8 pages) and submissions of prose (to a maximum of 2,000 words).

Capsule Stories

We accept short stories, poems, and remarkably written essays. For short stories and essays, we’re interested in pieces under 3000 words. You may include up to five poems in a single poetry submission 


Carousel welcomes submissions of prose and poetry from new and established artists: we focus on Canadian creators, but also include International contributions to a maximum of 15% per issue.

carte blanche

At carte blanche, we believe there is more than one way to tell a story. Our mandate is to provide a venue for narratives of all forms from fiction and nonfiction, to poetry and photo essays.


We accept short story, poetry, and nonfiction submissions year-round from anywhere in the world. We also pay the writers we publish. Send us your best work; we'd love to read it.


As an online platform, our goal is to showcase as much creativity as possible, so if you have ideas that might not fit into what might be considered the usual parameters of a lit mag, please pitch them to us! (Songs? Video clips? Recipes? 4D experiences?? We wanna hear about ‘em.)


CatsCast is looking for fun speculative cat stories! A CatsCast story should leave cat-loving listeners a little happier after listening than they were before. Specifically, we’re looking for speculative fiction stories about cats. “Cats” in this context are, well, cats — but since this is a speculative fiction podcast, they don’t have to be exactly the same species as the housecats we have here on Earth. The stories should have happy, or at least hopeful, endings for all featured cats. Humor is strongly encouraged but not required.

Cease, cows

We accept previously unpublished submissions of Rare Flash Fiction and Well-Done Poetry via Submittable.

CERASUS Magazine

Fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and artwork are considered for publication.

Cha: An Asian Literary Journal

Cha is dedicated to publishing quality creative works from and about Asia. At this time, we can only accept work in English or translated into English.


We publish new, previously unpublished work that engages with the natural world. We have a particular interest in work which encourages reflection on human interaction with plant and animal life, landscape and the self. Each issue includes a mix of poetry and fiction, alongside a selection of essays 

Chaotic Merge

We seek work that is adventurous and test the border of art and structure. Don’t be afraid to mess with everything you have ever learned in your life. We write to have fun! We encourage voices of people of color and members of the LGBTQ+ community to submit their work.

The Charleston Anvil

The Charleston Anvil is a voluntary communal art and literary project that relies on an open submissions process for content. 

Cheap Imitation Magazine

We also occasionally run writing, music, and art contests that are separate from our regular submissions process.  Submit.  Do not be submissive.  Make us jealous of you, make us wish we had done it first, make us resent your talent.  Do not submit, make us submit.  If we resent you, we will publish you.

Cheap Pop

We're looking for your best work in 500 words or less—please, nothing greater than that.  We don't differentiate between Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, and anything in-between, nor do we have restrictions on genre—if it pops, it pops! What we want to see is good writing, your best writing, and that's it.  Please note: CHEAP POP does not publish poetry, so please do not send it.

Chestnut Review

Chestnut Review appears four times per year online and once per year in print in our annual anthology. We are drawn to beautiful language, resonant images, and we crave narrative. We enjoy a broad array of styles, but please read a few of our issues to get a sense of our lens.

The ChillFiltr Review

The CHILLFILTR Review publishes poetry, memoirs, short stories, and personal essays on a rolling basis. Our scope is wide, but in general, we are looking for work that explores the nexus between humanity, spirituality, and life experience. We do not deny the validity of the basic categories of physics, biology, psychology, and the other sciences: we claim only that human beings cannot be fully understood in terms of them. Thus, art.

Choeofpleirn Press

We accept poetry, short fiction, creative and scholarly nonfiction essays, one-act plays, short screenplays, and images of artworks all year round. We do not seek works that fit specific themes. Overall, our main goal is to showcase great literature and art, something the word "anthology" was originally coined for because its base meaning is a "gathering of flowers."


Cicada is currently open to submissions of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and international literature in translation (see below for specific genre details).

Cimarron Review

We accept submissions year-round in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art. Please include a cover letter with your submission.

The Cincinnati Review

The Cincinnati Review welcomes submissions from writers at any point in their careers,  Fiction, poetry, literary nonfiction, drama, artwork, and reviews.

The Citron Review

 All currently open submission categories are detailed on the Submittable page. All genres read submissions from February 1st until about December 6th.

Clackamas Literary Review

Clackamas Literary Review accepts submissions of poetry, prose, and possibility texts between September 1st and December 31st  each year. 

Class Collective

At Class Collective Magazine, we’re proud to publish writing that has a class based perspective on politics and culture. However, we encourage writers to interpret this prompt as creatively as they’d like—the sky’s the limit!

Claw & Blossom

We look for pieces that explore human striving with an awareness of the larger context. To that end, your work MUST contain some element of the natural world.

Colorado Review

We consider short fiction and personal essays with contemporary themes (no genre fiction or literary criticism). There is no specific word or page count; generally, however, Colorado Review prefers short stories and essays that are somewhere between 15 and 25 manuscript pages. Please submit only one story or essay at a time.  Poetry and book reviews, too.

The Columbia Review

The Columbia Review only accepts electronic submissions sent to In the subject line, please write “[Poetry / Prose / Essay / Translation] Submission [Fall / Spring] [Year].” Simultaneous submissions are welcome.

CommuterLit is looking for short stories, memoirs, novel excerpts, and poetry (one poem or a series of poems), in any genre, with a word count of 500 to 4,000.


We are currently reading for our spring issue, Conjunctions:78, Fear Itself, and for our online magazine, which is not subject to thematic restrictions. Please follow the guidelines below to send us work for consideration. Submissions are open for our weekly online magazine, which we read for year-round and is not subject to thematic restrictions.

Contrary Magazine

Accepts poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and CNF

Copper Nickel

We are seeking submissions of  fiction, poetry, nonfiction, essays, and translation folios.


Please only send one submission at a time and in one genre: Fiction, poetry, or visual art.


We are always looking for quality prose, poetry, and artwork.


We publish a new digital literary magazine every two weeks filled with brilliant short stories, poetry, essays, flash fiction, microfiction, and art. We accept submissions on a rolling basis throughout the year.


Flash Fiction, for work up to 1,000 words, Short Fiction, for work up to 6,000 words, Flash Creative Nonfiction, for work up to 1,000 words, Creative Nonfiction, for work up to 6,000 words

Crannóg Magazine

Seeking submissions of poetry and short fiction.


Crashtest is a magazine by and for high school students. If you are currently a student in grades nine through twelve, we want to hear from you. 

Cream City Review

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Cream City Review. We are devoted to publishing memorable and energetic fiction, nonfiction, poetry, hybrid texts, and artwork which represent a broad range of creators with diverse, unique backgrounds. 

Crescendo Magazine

Email submissions of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and inter-genre work to by November 15, 2022. Submissions should be no more than 6000 words for prose and up to five poems. 

The Daphne Review

We are thrilled to consider prose, poetry, and artwork from all writers, emerging and established alike. We are interested in work that surprises us, considers its context, and dazzles us. Send us your best work—we can’t wait to read it!

Dead Fern Press

Fiction, poetry, nonfiction, artwork.   Give us your dirt and grit, but if you send racist, homophobic, or sexist work, you will be banned from our publication. 

Dead Skunk Magazine

Dead Skunk wants your ink-smeared paragraphs and ripped journal pages. Send us your lyric essays, haikus, and experimental fiction. We aim to publish tried-and-true compositions alongside flash-fried, postmodern concoctions. Ultimately, we're interested in captivating writing that galvanizes the imagination.


We are looking for humorous short stories, poetry, nonfiction, fake nonfiction. and visual submissions.


Defuncted is a home for poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction that has been previously published but was abandoned when the journals that published them shut down but did not archive the work.

Defunkt Magazine

Poetry & Prose, Short Film, Music, Visual & Performance Art

Digital Fiction Publishing

We publish compelling science fiction, fantasy, (some crime), and horror stories from professional writers, and are directed towards a mature readership. 

Discretionary Love

We are currently accepting: poetry, short stories, creative nonfiction, essays and articles. All pieces must be connected to love in one way or another. Send us the beauty and the chaos. Love is hard and multi-faceted and we want to capture all those components. Talk to us about self-love, relationships, parenting or just surviving your partner.

Door Is Ajar

Door is a Jar is a print and digital literary magazine of poetry, short fiction, nonfiction, drama, and artwork.

Dream Pop Journal

Please send us your very best strange utterings, hybrid works, collaborative pieces, visual poetry, collages, and linguistic inventions.  Prose, Poetry, and Visual Art.

Dreams Walking

We are currently accepting unsolicited submissions of poetry, flash-fiction, and whatever other kind of short writing you have. Check out our 'about' page to see what we're looking for.

Dual Coast

We are looking for submissions of prose, poetry, and artwork.

East of the Web

East of the Web is keen to provide exposure for writers by offering them a place where their work will be seen and read in a high quality, respected setting. The site receives about half a million unique visitors per month, so successful submissions are likely to be viewed by more readers than in almost any other short story publication.  Accepts children, crime, fiction, horror, humor, romance, and science fiction as well as nonfiction stories.


We pride ourselves on giving everyone (high schoolers, convicts, movie executives, etc.) an equal shot at publication, based solely on the quality of their work. Because we like eclecticism, we tend to favor the varied perspectives that often characterize the work of international authors, people of color, women, alternative lifestylists, and straight white men—but others who don't fit into these categories sometimes do surprise us.

Elbow Creek

Elbow Creek will focus on the American West, primarily the 1800s. While we may occasionally break from tradition and purchase a story that is based on modern times, that will be an exception.

Electric Lit

Electric Literature periodically accepts submissions of short stories, essays, poetry, and comics during designated submission periods.


elsewhere cares only about the line / no line. We want short prose works (flash fiction, prose poetry, nonfiction) that cross, blur, and/or mutilate genre. 

Empty House Press

We are looking for writing that addresses the way narrative and presence adhere to place and the way they vanish. We encourage broad interpretations of what the idea or image of an empty house might evoke. This includes but is not limited to writing about home, landscape, place, memory, and of course, the atmosphere of previously inhabited spaces.

Empty Mirror

Empty Mirror is an online literary magazine publishing nonfiction, poetry, and art. We publish new work every Friday and accept submissions year-round.

en bloc

Fiction, poetry, art, and photography should be sent to us for consideration. 

Enchanted Living

We tend not to publish anything too dark, too overtly fantastic or spiritual, and only publish original writing or excerpts from soon-to-be-published books.  Prose, poetry, artwork.  


We are looking for themed essays, stories, and reviews.  Check our site for current themes.

Epoch Magazine

EPOCH publishes fiction, poetry, essays, comics, and graphic art. In continuous publication since 1947.

Eunoia Review

We accept submissions of original, previously unpublished poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction on a rolling basis. We also accept reprints, but you must retain or have regained the rights to your work

Event Magazine

EVENT accepts general, unsolicited submissions of prose, poetry, nonfiction, and reviews.   

Existere - Journal of Arts & Literature

Please submit your poetry, fiction, non-fiction, or artwork.  Please ensure that literary submissions are fewer than 3500 words. Art submissions must be 300 dpi.

Fahmidan Journal

Poetry, prose, opinion pieces are accepted here.


FAIRY PIECE (n.) – a chess piece not used in conventional chess but incorporated into certain chess variants and some chess problems.
FAIRY PIECE MAG is a literary magazine based on the idea of the fairy chess piece – the creation of new rules to circumvent old ones, bending or superseding the existing oppressive structures.


They are looking for fiction (up to 10,000 words), essays, criticism, screenplay excerpts, fashion writing, poetry, visual art, video, fashion photography, and photo essays


FEED currently accepts general submissions of poetry & prose on a rolling basis year-round via email.

Fictive Press

Fictive Press is a publisher of authors who embrace their inherently plural identities and whose works exhibit documentary fiction within the technical details of their production. The genres of autobiographical novels, meta-fiction, and creative approaches to archive, biography, authorship, and hybrid forms of nonfiction are particularly encouraged toward a new artistry of contemporary literature and its publication.

The Fiddlehead

The Fiddlehead is open to good writing in English or translations into English from all over the world and in a variety of styles, including experimental genres. Our editors are always happy to see new unsolicited works in fiction, including excerpts from novels, creative nonfiction, and poetry. We also publish reviews, and occasionally other selected creative work such as excerpts from plays. Work is read on an ongoing basis; the acceptance rate is around 1-2% (we are, however, famous for our rejection notes!). Apart from our annual contests, we have no deadlines for submissions.


We are seeking non-conforming submissions: ideas in transition, poetry in translation, collaborations and conversations, works between genres, between fiction and theory, between text and image, new poetic modes and things-in-progress.

The Fieldstone Review

The Fieldstone Review is now accepting submissions of creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and reviews for its 2021 issue. The Fieldstone Review welcomes original, previously unpublished work of quality in a variety of styles and genres.

Filling Station Magazine

We accept singular or simultaneous submissions of previously unpublished poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, critical non-fiction (about literature and occasionally about visual art), and visual art. We are always on the hunt for great writing and artwork!


We welcome previously unpublished work in English or Spanish from all writers anywhere in the world.  We accept short stories up to 3,000 words.  We also accept poetry and artwork.

Flat Iron

We do themed anthologies. We are not currently accepting unsolicited reprints.


Submit to only one category per issue. If you have been published by us please do not resubmit for six months unless solicited.

Flypaper Lit

Flypaper accepts unsolicited submissions only during the months of January and February via our Submittable portal.  Poems, short stories, essays, and flash fiction.


Foglifter is a biannual compendium of the most dynamic, urgent queer and trans writing today. It’s a space where LGBTQ+ writers celebrate, mourn, rage, and embrace.

Folded World

We are always looking for short-form ecoliterature: Fiction, essay, poetry, and travel narrative.

For The Girls

We are looking for high quality erotic fiction to feature once a month. Stories can cover any topic, however it must be erotic in nature, relatively explicit, sex positive and be written expressly for female readers. Female protagonists are preferred.  We’re looking for stories that are more than just a sex scene. We want to see stories with interesting scenarios and fascinating characters; stories that explore the issues and emotions surrounding sex. Remember that dialogue and buildup can be just as erotic as the actual sex.

The Forge Literary Magazine

We accept unsolicited submissions. We prefer stories below 3,000 words. Please do not send pieces over 5,000 words. We love flash and micro prose. We will consider previously unpublished pieces only. Unless invited, please send no more than one piece per month

Foundling Review

We want fiction: 100 - 2000 words and Poetry: up to 50 lines/poem  

Fox Spirit

Anthology publisher looking for themed work.


For our print magazine, we accept short fiction, flash fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry—regardless of genre, style, or origin. 

Fugue Journal

Poetry, fiction, and nonfiction submissions are accepted through Submittable only. Please send no more than five poems, two short-shorts, one story, one essay, or five image files per submission. For reviews, we accept pitches or completed pieces via email; see guidelines below. 

Full House Literary Magazine

We accept poetry, prose, script, art, and photos.

The Funny Times

Our print publication pokes fun at politics, news, relationships, food, technology, pets, work, death, environmental issues, business, religion (yes, even religion) and the human condition in general. Not much is off limits, so do your best to make us laugh. Plus we’re advertising free, so whatever we like, we use.  Cartoons should be hard-copy printouts of high-res images (please don’t send your originals … we’re awfully clumsy with our coffee). We accept both single and multi-panel formats, color and black & white, though reproduction is nearly always in black and white.

The Gasher

Poetry, fiction, and CNF, visual art, and chapbooks 

Gemini Magazine

We have no rules or restrictions on writing style or content. As jazz great Charlie "Bird" Parker pointed out, "There's no boundary line to art." We don't want to set any boundaries so we use a clean, simple selection process: If it strikes a chord with us we print it.

Genuine Gold 

We’re looking for poems of any length, short stories (no more than 2500 words), and pitches for essays that reflect creativity and unique perspectives on life. We welcome submissions of up to 3 poems and/or 2 short stories at a time. We’re open to receiving any essay pitches you’d like to submit.

Gettysburg Review, The

Published three times per year, the Gettysburg Review considers unsolicited submissions of poetry, fiction, essays, and essay-reviews from September 1 through May 31. We welcome submissions of full-color graphics year round. 

Gigantic Sequins

Gigantic Sequins accepts all genres of writing. Gigantic Sequins also accepts black & white art in any medium except photography. See specific guidelines for each category.


The Geist tone is intelligent, plain-talking, inclusive and offbeat. Each issue represents a convergence of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photography, comics, reviews, little-known facts of interest, cartography and the legendary Geist crossword puzzle.

The Georgia Review

We are looking for fiction, poetry, essays, and book reviews.

Ginosko Literary Journal

Accepting short fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, social justice, literary insights for Ginosko Literary Journal.  Publishing as semiannual litzine. Check downloadable issues on the website for tone & style.


We accept submissions in the categories of poetry, short fiction, hybrid genre, lyric essays, book reviews, visual art, and multimedia creations (such as visual poetry collaborations).

Goats Milk Magazine

Goat’s Milk accepts fiction, nonfiction, poetry, visual art and photography. While we do enjoy reading and viewing your submissions, please send only one submission per genre per reading period. 

Goatshed Press

Goatshed Press is taking submissions for our spring 2023 edition. We are looking for short stories, flash fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction.

Gone Lawn

Desired: sincere, well-written, imaginative, unusual and/or innovative works that charm and displace us, that baffle the pale-setters of our rolling, verdant isles and nab all their dreary tools. Gone Lawn is especially partial to odd animals.

The Good River Review

Our submission period is open and ongoing. Please submit in the category where you think your work best fits.  

Gordon Square Review

We consider short stories, personal essays, and hybrid prose works. Please limit your submission to three poems attached in a single document,

Grain Magazine

Types of Work We Consider: Poetry, fiction, literary nonfiction, and other writing (query first).


 We are open for submissions of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, art, and photography at various times during the year.

The Gravity of the Thing

Short: tell us a story in 3,000 words or less; we are interested in fiction, creative nonfiction, self-contained excerpts, and genre-bending forms.
Flash: a fiction, creative nonfiction, or genre-bending story under 500 words.
Poetry: share one or more poems, prose poems, or multimedia works for a combined count of 500 words or less.
Six Words: a story in six words; you may share up to five stories per submission, but only one will be chosen.

Green Hills Literary Lantern

GHLL welcomes submissions of manuscripts, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.

Grim & Gilded

Grim & Gilded is an online literary journal. There is no print edition at this time. We currently plan to publish two short stories, three flash fiction pieces, and three poems a month, as submissions allow. 


Please submit, shortform nonfiction, longform nonfiction, fiction, and poetry.  See our site for word limits.

half empty magazine

We accept poetry, prose (fiction and creative nonfiction), and visual art. although it is not necessary, submissions that keep the atmosphere of the mag in mind are preferred. we love works that are jarring and emotional and maybe a little bit bizarre. we’re looking for the messy thoughts angrily scribbled in the late hours of night, the unfriendly ideas in your head you’ve been taught to fear—anything and everything that a half empty glass means to you

Harpur Palate

Harpur Palate has no restrictions on subject matter or form. Quite simply, send us your highest quality short stories, flash fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction.


We are interested in writing that pushes into, dares to reveal, its own truth, that takes emotional risks, that gets to the heart of the matter. Fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry accepted.


  • We are interested in contributions that employ a Feminist, Marxist or other radical methodology.
  • We also print creative work and graphics.

Hedge Apple

We are looking for mixed media submissions (prose, poetry, art, photography, and videos) of all genres. 

Heimat Review

We publish poetry, prose (flash fiction, short stories, and creative nonfiction), drama, photography and art quarterly.

The Hellebore Review

The Hellebore Review is currently seeking fiction, nonfiction, poetry, photography, and digital art for our second issue, due to release in March. Remember: we want work that etiolates.


HOLYFLEA! likes so many things but we particularly like: nonsense rhymes, vampires, drawings/paintings/doodles/comics/post-it note scribbles/ink spillages that look eerily like the bathtub in your old house

Hominum Journal

All submissions should be emailed to, with the subject line "GENRE-FIRST AND LAST NAME". Please include your submission as an attachment (.pdf, doc(x), or.rtf) along with a brief third-person biography. Cover letters are appreciated. Unless a submission is withdrawn, we ask that you do not submit more than once per reading period.


We publish stories, art, and poetry that examine the connection between animals and humans, and the ways we and our lives are more similar than people assume. Some topics and themes to consider, but of course, we are open to others:


We accept fiction, non-fiction, memoir, poetry, and book reviews year-round. Graphic fiction/non-fiction also welcome, but it must fit on a postcard.

Horse Egg Literary

We are always on the lookout for unique perspectives, accurate, sensory, specific detail, and the unexpected & experimental.  Your imagination on a page.

The Hudson Review

The Hudson Review publishes fiction, poetry, essays, book reviews; criticism of literature, art, theatre, dance, film, and music; and articles on contemporary cultural developments.  We read unsolicited submissions. Prose manuscripts should be under 10,000 words; if you have a novel, please make an excerpt of a section that stands well by itself. Please do not submit more than seven poems at one time; again, it is very helpful to us if you make a selection of your best work. 

Ice Lolly Review

We accept a variety of pieces including, creative nonfiction, fiction, haikus, poems, plays, spoken word, and etc. The genre doesn't matter,

Iconoclast Literary Magazine

Poetry and prose from authors interested in the creation, sharing, and transmission of ideas, imaginings, and experiences.

indigo literary journal

We accept poetry and fiction submissions

Into the Void

Fiction, CNF, poetry, and art.

Invisible City

Submit work that encourages us to see the world from new perspectives and different angles, ones that we may not have previously considered or imagined. Currently, we accept poetry, creative nonfiction, and fiction. Please check back in June for the opening of our visual art submissions. 

Iowa Review, The

The Iowa Review looks for the best poetry, fiction, and nonfiction being written today and is often pleased to introduce new writers


Fiction, CNF, poetry, and art.


Fiction and CNF, poetry, interviews

The Journal

We are interested in quality fiction, poetry, nonfiction, photo essays, author interviews, and reviews of new books of poetry and prose. We impose no restrictions on category or type of submission for fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. 

The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts

The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts is looking for, as you might guess, "compressed creative arts." We accept fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, mixed media, visual arts, and even kitchen sinks if they are compressed in some way.

journal of erato

we are currently accepting: poetry, prose, creative non-fiction (under 750 words), as well as visual art pieces.

Kallisto Gaia Press

We are a nonprofit literary organization supporting writers at all stages of their careers. Although we welcome experimental or unusual approaches to literature, our goal is to promote finely crafted work with an expressive and meaningful voice. We pay our contributors upon publication because we feel that too much art is taken for granted.

The Knicknackery

Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and artwork.   Send us your best work!


Lemonspouting accepts submissions of short fiction, poetry, nonfiction, art, and photography


Overall, we won’t know what we’ll love or hate until we see it.  Prose and poetry accepted.


Prose (Fiction/Nonfiction/Experimental)  can be no longer than approximately 5,000 words. We welcome flash fiction, which we define as anything less than 1,000 words.  Poetry submissions should be no longer than 5 pages.  Visual Arts submissions are open to all mediums (including sculpture), but no more than 5 pieces. Please submit images as jpeg or tif, 300dpi).

Library Love Letter

Content we look for: Anything that has to do with libraries, archives, museums, knowledge in general, reading, writing, literature, information (its use, access, and understanding), and many other tangential topics. Feel free to submit if you think it is a good fit. If we don’t publish, we will give you feedback.

Ligeia Magazine

We accept submissions of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and artwork.

Liminoid Magazine

Accepts works of fiction, poetry, book reviews, novel excerpts, and ephemera.   

Lines + Stars

To submit poems, short prose, or book reviews, please use our Submittable page. 

Liquid Imagination

Give us something unexpected and well written.  Technique, voice, characterization, and language will all play a part in our decision to publish.  Fiction and poetry accepted.

Lit Up Magazine

Lit Up Magazine is whatever you want it to be. Send us your music, photos, videos, news and events, your writing, opinions, whatever. This is your world. We want you happy. We want you here…all of you. Submit to   (but be patient, I’m still trying to remember how WordPress  works, okay?)


Accepts fiction and much, much more.  See their list under "Completed Pieces".

Longleaf Review

For fiction and CNF, submit one piece that’s 5,000 words or less, or submit up to three micros (500 words or less each) in one document.
For poetry, submit 1 – 3 poems in one document.
For hybrid, submit one image-prose piece (5,000 words or less), or submit up to three image-prose micros (500 words or less each) in one document. For image-poems, submit 1 – 3 pieces in one document.

Lost Boys Press

We accept all genres. We are interested in amazing stories.


The Lovers Literary Journal

Poetry, Memoir or Personal Essay, Fiction, Flash Fiction, and Art 

Lucky Jefferson

Lucky Jefferson accepts sub­mis­sions of unpub­lished poetry and flash-fiction on sub­jects relating to the current theme or collection.

Lunch Ticket

We read Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Flash Prose, Poetry, Visual Art, Young Adult Literature, and Literary Translation.


We want your heart, your soul, the pieces that are a part of you. We want stories that are worlds in words, pieces that tell a (mac)ro story in a (mic)ro word count. 

Magic Dragon

 Stories and essays can be up to three pages, poetry up to 30 lines. You can write about anything that is important to you; it can be serious or funny, true or fiction as long as you are under 13 years of age.


MARY accepts previously unpublished fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and hybrid genres. We like weird and risky and humming a little

Masks Literary Magazine

We are open to all forms of prose, poetry, and visual arts. We have no restrictions on the writers or content we publish, but we’re passionate about publishing new writers, new artists, and new perspectives.

The Maul

The Maul seeks stories, comics, and art


Fiction, poetry, prose.  We read year-round. Simultaneous submissions are accepted and encouraged, but please notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere

The McNeese Review

We are looking for submissions of poetry and fiction

The Meadowlark Review

Based in Laramie, Wyoming, we’re inspired by the American West, but we love work that pushes against the traditional Western narrative, as well as new perspectives, unexpected twists, and pieces that have absolutely nothing to do with the West. We are especially interested in hybrid works and works that break the mold and push the boundaries of today’s literature. 

Mermaids Monthly

We want fiction, poetry, comics, and artwork about Merfolk...


There are 2 things that we want for certain:  
We want a piece that is short and takes less than 3 minutes to read and we want a published piece so we can also promote the publication.

Mid-America Review

We accept fiction, poetry, translations, and nonfiction (including personal essays, essays on writing, and short reviews)

Middle House Reivew

We accept poetry, fiction, and flash fiction. 

midnight & indigo

midnight & indigo, a new literary magazine celebrating Black women writers, has issued a call for submissions to review short stories and narrative essays.

Mikrokosmos Literary Journal (MOJO)

We are interested in stories that excite us with innovation in form, structure, and language; above all, we’re looking for stories that connect us, touch us, and revolutionize our worlds.  We also accept poetry and works of nonfiction.

miniskirt magazine

miniskirt is a destination for love & romance.  we publish poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and flash prose.
we will publish visual art in future issues.  we publish issues monthly, on the 7th of each month

Minnow Literary Magazine

We are interested in literary works inspired by nature, but other genres will also be considered. 

Minute Magazine

Submissions should reflect the mission of Minute Magazine: to examine life under the microscope. In other words, some aspect of your submission should involve an insightful observation about a seemingly ordinary object or idea.

The Momentist

Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art

Moon Park Review

MoonPark Review is an online literary journal devoted to publishing compelling, imaginative short prose that breaks our hearts, haunts us, makes us laugh, or gives us hope. We love flash fiction, prose poems, and hybrid forms.

Moss Puppy Magazine

Puppy Magazine is a bi-annual magazine publishing issues in Autumn and Spring. 

The Moth Magazine

All of the poetry and fiction published in The Moth is unsolicited.  We are delighted to receive previously unpublished work from anywhere in the world.  We are very happy to look at work in translation (as long as you have the consent of the author).

Mount Hope Magazine

We're looking for literary fiction (up to 5,000 words), poetry (up to 5 poems may be submitted together) and nonfiction essays and memoirs (up to 5,000 words). We welcome aspiring writers and seasoned authors. We have a strong commitment to a diversity of voices and experiences.

Mud Season

We seek deeply human work that will teach us something about life, but also about the craft of writing or visual art, and work that is original in its approach and that in some way moves us.

Mumber Mag

We want stuff suited to the internet. That could mean short. It could mean it makes use of hyperlinks. Whatever. Surprise us. Make us laugh. Something between WS Merwin and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. Or between Werewolf Bar Mitzvah and Lorrie Moore. That’s the sweet spot.

Mythaxis Review

Accepts nonfiction, fiction, and poetry on a platform dedicated to art and technology


 Each edition features a blend of surreal and speculative fiction, poetry, art, and photography.  Neon sits on the edge of horror and science-fiction, but with strong literary leanings.  We prefer darker pieces, especially those with an element of the surreal or speculative, but are open to anything and like to be surprised.

New England Review

We accept submissions of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama (short plays).

New Reader Magazine

New Reader Magazine is always looking for fresh perspectives and provocative new voices. We want stories about humans and about being human.  Investigative stories are welcome, as are memoirs and profiles, interviews, etc. of people who are doing interesting things and changing perspectives in big cities or small, secret towns. We’re also looking for fiction and poetry of all kinds, and we especially welcome experimental fiction and poetry and work that defies genre conventions.

The New Yorker

Accepts a wide variety of submissions:  Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, cartoons, Shouts & Murmurs (humor).

Nixes Mate Review

We like short stories and micro stories. We like narrative and minimalism and words that dance across the page. We like dialogue that is direct and sounds like a real person talking. 

Notre Dame Review

Excellence is our sole criteria for selection, although we are especially interested in fiction and poetry that take on big issues.

The Offing

Accepts submissions of fiction, essay, memoir, nonfiction, and Back of the Envelope (see site for details)


We accept prose and poetry manuscripts of under 1500 words and comics.

Once Upon A Crocodile

Anywhere up to 6000 words. If your story is above this amount, send the first 2000 words and a "synopsis" of the story (that sounds like a disease, doesn't it?) Don't try sending novels, they cause indigestion.

Open Work

First, this magazine is open to all submissions, 24/7, 365 days a year. Our interests include, but are not limited to, short stories, poems, personal essays, nonfiction, flash fiction, photography, visual art, graphic design, diary entries, confessionals, to-do lists, big artistic revelations, pictures of brunch, horoscope predictions, and that ridiculously convoluted manuscript you’ve been working on for two years already…though we may need a little extra time to parse through that one.

Orange Blush

We accept: art, poetry, prose, fiction, scripts, lists, comics, illustrations, photography, collages -  pretty much anything creative you have to offer us. We’re open to experimental, out-of-the-box, punch-you-in-the-gut type work. 

Outlook Springs

Send us your weird, wobbly wordwork: fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. See genres for specific submission guidelines.

Overtly Lit

We are a new litmag looking for flash fiction, short fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction and artwork. We're open to most genres. We have a few specific guidelines we ask you to follow to be more likely to get an acceptance.

Page & Spine

Send us your short stories, poetry, Outta This World, Kids Stuff, End Notes, and Crumbs. 

PANK Magazine

We’re invested in sharp, honest, beautiful writing. Strangeness is a small god. We’re particularly interested in reading creative non-fiction and fiction, but please send poems, too.

Paper Butterfly Flash Fiction

Genre: science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance, humour, western, mystery, literary…and any variation or combination thereof.  If in doubt, send it along – you never know.

Paper Crane Journal

Any and all forms of creative expression are welcomed. The Editors are particularly charmed by short fiction, creative nonfiction, and eclectic forms like screenplay for writing. We've gotten everything from photography to calligraphy for art - and we're definitely okay with it. 

Paper Lanterns

Short stories, flash fiction, and poetry for younger readers, 13 and over.

Passages North

Passages North is open to submissions of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, hybrids, and short-shorts of all genres.

The Paterson Literary Review

Poems: each under 2 pages, high quality, any style;
Short stories: under 1,500 words, high quality, no formula stories.
Memoir: no more than two pieces; two pages maximum.

Peach Velvet

We admire work that strives to do something fresh or offer something new. we admire work that is arresting and unflinchingly honest. we admire work that doesn't just regurgitate the theme prompt, but rather considers how it can be taken to the next level and iterated upon. we want your work to haunt us, and our readership, in a good way

The Penn Review

We accept submissions in the categories of Fiction, Poetry, Creative Nonfiction, and Art.  Individual submission guidelines for each category can be found on our General Submissions Form.  Submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines will not be considered.  Submissions that are not received through our Submittable platform will also not be considered.  Please do not e-mail us your submissions, as they will not be read. 

The Pine Cone Review

The Pine Cone Review considers: Non-rhyming poetry, flash fiction, flash creative nonfiction, translations, visual art and any genre-bending or genre-mixing creations for general publication.


We accept works of fiction and nonfiction.

Potato Soup

Potato Soup is a literary journal committed to publishing the best in short fiction and nonfiction.

Prairie Schooner

Prairie Schooner publishes short stories, poems, imaginative essays of general interest, and reviews of current books of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. We read submissions from September 1st to May 1st of each year.

A Public Space

A Public Space welcomes submissions of fiction, essays, poetry, as well as graphic and hybrid work.


Punchnel’s is a general-interest web magazine written for a smart, discerning audience of adults around the world

Qu Literary Magazine

Looking for submissions prose, poetry, and visual art.

Radon Journal

Radon welcomes short story and poetry submissions containing elements of anarchism, transhumanism, dystopia, and/or science fiction.  We publish every January, May, and September. Submissions are accepted year-round. Simultaneous submissions are welcome. Reprints are accepted provided the artist has the rights.

Raliegh Review

We a nonprofit magazine of poetry, fiction, and art. We believe that great literature inspires empathy by allowing us to see the world through the eyes of our neighbors, whether across the street or across the globe. Our mission is to foster the creation and availability of accessible yet provocative contemporary literature.


Submit 1-4 poems (up to 6 pages), 1-10 photos / visual artworks, or 1 essay of up to 10,000 words.

Reckon Review

Reckon Review accepts prose (fiction and non-fiction) of any length on a rolling basis. No poetry please. We also publish book reviews.  This is where we tell you what our aesthetic is, but we don’t like rules, and guidelines cramp creativity. Send us honest and vulnerable, something you’re proud of, something that will keep us up at night. Meagan’s taste skews gritty and rural, but she loves surprises.


The short version: creative writing and art about environmental justice. The fiction we publish is mostly, but not exclusively, speculative; the nonfiction is more creative than journalistic, the poetry tends towards the narrative, preferably with some thematic heft, the visual art leans away from the pulpy towards the surreal, subversive, political. The heart of what we want is your personal, visceral, idiosyncratic understanding of the world and the people in it as it has been, as it is, as it will be, as it could be, as a consequence of humanity’s relationship with the earth.

Red Rock Review

Red Rock Review is a biannual literary journal that publishes poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction by emerging and established writers


Revolute reads poetry, fiction, and nonfiction submissions during one submission period each fall. Micro Reviews are read year-round. 

Riddle Fence

We endeavor to publish high-quality fiction, non-fiction, poetry, visual art, reviews, and features.

River & South Review

River and South Review seeks to be a home for work that evokes a visceral reaction, encourages continued conversation, captures the adventures of life, and spurs our readers to go find their own adventures to write about.

Rock and A Hard Place

Rock and a Hard Place Magazine is a cross-genre magazine publishing works of fiction that focus on the plight of marginalized, poor, depressed, and desperate.  


We are looking for short fiction and short nonfiction/hybrid work to include in our online space.  Our book reviews/interviews seek to highlight books from small, independent publishers and university presses as well as books from new and emerging writers.


We accept submissions of short fiction and poetry.

The Rush

The Rush seeks to publish fiction, poetry, prose, and art; providing a platform to a diverse body of writers on a transcontinental level, from emerging to established writers. We welcome Spanish and English work.

Ryga Journal

Ryga welcomes submissions of previously unpublished poetry, prose, and short plays from emerging writers. Writers interested in submitting must have no more than three previous publications.

Sad Girl Review

We showcase and celebrate contemporary art and text with a focus on girly, melancholy material.


Seeking submissions of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.

Sand Journal

We accept previously unpublished poems, fiction, creative nonfiction, flash fiction, flash nonfiction, translations, and visual art.

The Saturday Evening Post

The Saturday Evening Post is looking for unique submissions of fiction, nonfiction, and cartoons.

Scarlet Leaf Review

We accept a wide variety of submissions and art.  Check the site to see if you have something we would like to see.

Scene and Heard

For considered inclusion in Scene & Heard, all forms and styles of writing and visual arts are accepted.


Scum is interested in publishing feminist-friendly work of any variety, but as a general rule your piece should be under 2000 words (50 lines for poetry, max. 3 poems) and able to be classified as “fiction”, “non-fiction” or “poetry”

Seaborne Magazine

Seaborne Magazine is an online publisher of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction celebrating the world’s seas and oceans. By showcasing the awe of the ocean in literature, they hope to inspire readers to protect Earth’s waters. They also donate a portion of their profits to fund charitable work that aids oceans and marine life.

Second Chance Lit

Submissions must have been previously rejected.  ONE piece of poetry or prose under 1,000 words

ShabdAaweg Review

Looking for poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and reviews.

Silver Blade Magazine

Give us something unexpected and well written.  Technique, voice, characterization, and language will all play a part in our decision to publish.  Amaze us with your writing, use of language, sense of story, and memorable characters. 

Silver Stork

Silver Stork aims to inspire intrigue, interpretation, inventiveness, but most importantly, this magazine wants to publish work that the contributor takes pride in. At Silver Stork, we believe that there is great work out there waiting to be published, and we want to see your best.

Sleet Magazine

Sleet, wholeheartedly and without reservation, encourages simultaneous submissions. If a piece appears with us first, we do ask that Sleet be credited as its primary place of publication. In addition, we will consider showing previously published work as long as it is identified as such. We do not regard work on a blog or personal website as previously published.


SLICE magazine welcomes submissions for short fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. We’re looking for anyone with a fresh voice and a compelling story to share, and we are particularly enthusiastic about championing emerging voices. 

Slouching Beast Journal

Slouching Beast Journal is looking for unpublished poems / prose-poetry / flash fiction / any kind of short experimental / hybrid work

Small Print Magazine

We accept submission of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, book reviews, features and interviews, articles related to the craft of writing, and cartoons.

SmokeLong Quarterly

SmokeLong publishes flash narratives--fiction, nonfiction, and hybrid--up to 1000 words. We do not consider poetry.  Include the word count and a print-ready, third-person bio with your cover letter. We prefer a simple cover letter.

So to Speak

So to Speak considers unsolicited submissions of previously unpublished poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and visual art for every issue, as well as submissions to our blog. We are looking for work that matches our intersectional feminist viewpoint.

Southword Literary Journal

Accepts prose and poetry submissions

The Southern Review

The Southern Review welcomes unsolicited work during our submissions period.


Accepts poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and artwork.

Split Lip

Send us your best unpublished literary, mainstream, or experimental writing between 1,000 and 2,500 words.  Flash fiction, poetry, and memoir, too.

Star 82 Review

Star 82 Review especially looks for humanity, humility, and humor. The work should be subtle, slightly gentle, slightly edgy works that don't just self-express, but that do communicate and leave the reader with at least a fraction of hope.

Statement Magazine

All literary submissions are invited, including, but not limited to poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, scripts (drama), graphic novels, works in translation, and hybrid forms.

Step Away Magazine

Our magazine is hungry for literature that evokes the sensory experience of walking in specific neighborhoods, districts or zones within a city. This is flânerie for the twenty-first century.


3-5 unpublished poems in a single document, unpublished fiction or nonfiction up to 5,000 words, 3-5 pieces of visual artwork (b&w or color), or graphic literature up to 5 pages


subTerrain publishes original fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, essays, and commentary three times a year. 


Subtropics seeks to publish the best fiction, essays, and poetry being written today, both by established and emerging authors. We will consider works of fiction of any length, from short-shorts to novellas and self-contained novel excerpts.  

The Sun

Accepts Essays, Fiction, & Poetry, Letters to the Editor, 


Prose or poetry related to the magazine's theme.

Sundog Lit

We accept general submissions for poetry, nonfiction, and fiction between two reading periods, and the first 300 submissions to each are free. 

Sunlight Press

We consider submissions within the following categories: Personal essays, fiction, poetry, reviews, and photography.

Swamp Ape Review

Up to 5 poems. Please submit only one file. 6,000 words for fiction and nonfiction. Visual art that fits our aesthetic, happens to mesh thematically with one of the poems, stories, or essays we plan to publish, or that expands our aesthetic. Please submit only one file. 

Sycamore Review

Sycamore Review is looking for original poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and art

Synthetic Reality

We are looking for a wide range of stories. And, although we mainly deal in Science Fiction, Fantasy, SHTF, Slipstream, Horror, Sword and Sorcery, and surreal fiction, we are also open to other stories. As a bonus, we love the humorous tales as well!

Tether's End

Tether's End seeks any writing that moves us. While we are open to submissions of all sorts, we kindly ask that you stray from genre fiction.


All submissions of fiction, poetry, essays, art, and photography must relate to the specific theme that is called for in an upcoming issue.

Third Coast

Fiction and creative non-fiction general submissions are open September 15-October 15, 2021. Poetry is open September 15-November 15, 2021. Drama submissions will be open November 15, 2021-February 28, 2022.

Third Wednesday

Submit poetry, flash fiction, and visual art

Through Lines Magazine

Themed: Poetry, essays, short stories welcome.

Timber Ghost Press

Timber Ghost is looking for quality flash fiction and poetry to feature on our site and in our newsletter. If selected, we will publish your piece of flash fiction on our site/newsletter, you will retain the rights to your story (you can submit it elsewhere immediately if you feel so inclined). We will also pay you $5 USD.

Trouble Department

Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction submissions accepted


We publish original fiction, poetry, essays, interviews, social commentary, and visual art.

Twisted Vine Literary Arts Journal

Accepting poetry, fiction, CNF, visual art submissions.



Typishly is a popular online literary magazine publishing short fiction and poetry submitted by established and emerging writers. Our website receives several hundred thousand page views a year. 


We accept poetry, art, comics, photos, non-fiction, short fiction, flash fiction, genre fiction -- and anything in between.

Up North

Fiction, poetry, art, and photography with a midwest touch.


upstreet is always looking for fiction and creative nonfiction.

Utopia Science Fiction

We welcome solicited and unsolicited submissions for fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and art.

Verum Literary Press

We are looking for work that highlights the unforeseen, tells us about the in-betweens, about anything that says something more than you think we want to hear. Tell us the truth. 

VIDA Review

The VIDA Review is an online literary magazine publishing original fiction, nonfiction, poetry, reviews, and interviews.

Virginia Quarterly Review

  • Poetry: All types and length.
  • Short Fiction: Length is from 3,500–8,000 words. We are generally not interested in genre fiction (such as romance, science fiction, or fantasy).
  • Nonfiction: Length is 3,500–9,000 words

Virtual Zine

We love to showcase stories that reflect our mission - stories that are well told, interesting and diverse in style, scope and origin. The stories only you can tell, in the way you choose to tell them. Submissions should not exceed 1500 words, including the title, and the minimum length is 500 words.


We are accepting submissions of flash fiction, serialized fiction, non-fiction essays, multimedia essays, poetry, art, and interviews.

Volney Road Review

We’re ready to read your best work.  Poetry, prose, and artwork.

Walloon Writers Review

We seek original stories, poetry, creative writing and photography inspired by the natural beauty and distinctive experience of this region.

The Wanderer

The Wanderer welcomes you to submit 4-8 poems or prose of up to 5,000 words.

Wayward Literature

Each issue of Wayward Literature focuses on a theme. Wayward Literature magazine accepts a variety of genres and art forms. 

West Branch

We welcome submissions of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and translation

West Trade Review

We are looking for original and unpublished works of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry by both new and established writers. 

The Whiskey Blot

We accept quality short fiction, poetry, haiku, and some art. We want to read good writing that we can enjoy while sipping our favorite dram of whisky. If you can work a little whisky and/or one or more of our favorite authors into your writing, even better... 

Whiskey Tit

Whiskey Tit welcomes submissions of varying lengths and types, with the understanding that we are a very small team with a wayward focus. We prefer experimental, sui generis, impossible to categorize texts.

Wind-Up Mice

Submit up to THREE pieces of poetry OR prose and/or THREE pieces of art, prose up to 1000 words in a word doc, poetry up to two pages a piece in a word doc

Write City

Every story has essential elements which make it worth reading. Prior to submitting your piece to our magazine for consideration, please ensure that your story has the following elements: 

  • Your story begins in the middle of the action
  • You have introduced a protagonist
  • The protagonist has a goal (something is at stake)
  • Something or someone prevents the protagonist from achieving this goal which creates conflict
  • There is an inciting incident or complication that forces the protagonist to act
  • There is a unique tone/voice/writing style
  • The setting is described without slowing the pace of the story
  • The dialogue is realistic and serves a purpose

Wood Cat Review

Wood Cat Review is a literary journal featuring new and emerging writers and poets whose work captures the spirit and experience of the natural world. The journal features original work about the outdoors, the rural experience, and environmental issues from artists who offer clear views from the wild.

Woodcrest Magazine

Submissions of creative writing and mediums of art are welcomed. Submissions will be reviewed and selected by our editorial staff, who will decide which pieces best fit the most current version of our digital magazine. The editorial process is rigorous but committed to showcasing your writing and creativity.

The Woolf

Micro-fiction: up to 100 words (no more than 5 pieces in one document) Flash fiction:  up to 800 words  Short fiction: up to 3000 words  Creative nonfiction:  up to 3000 words  
Poetry: up to 50 lines (1 piece)

Woolgathering Review

Currently, we are accepting prose, poetry, and art.  For proses, we prefer works under 1000 words. For poems, please keep them less than 30 lines.

Word West Revue

hi, we're looking for writing and art and whatever else you've got that engages with and reimagines the 'west.’ ideally you or your work will have some connection to the western usa, but this theme is wide open to your interpretation (though our print issues will be more focused and western-y than online, which will be more free-wheeling). 

Words For The Wild

We welcome submissions of poetry, and short fiction themed on ‘the countryside’ for our website (print anthology submissions are now closed) —the theme will be interpreted widely and includes urban nature.

Write Now

We accept Poetry, Fiction, Personal Essays, Photography and Art, and Literary Criticism.

Writer's Shed Press

We are looking for stories that leave lasting impressions, and in 2021 we are considering fiction, creative nonfiction, personal essays, and poetry that is directly or loosely linked to the theme of SECOND THOUGHTS.


Open themed submissAdd Content/Layoutsions

Zephyr Review

We are devoted to writing and artwork that are inspired by the natural world. Our objective is to promote appreciation for nature’s beauty, as well as to promote creativity. We welcome emerging writers/artists and established writers/artists from all over the globe.

Zetetic: A Record of Unusual Inquiry

Zetetic is not a genre-specific anthology; we are looking for great stories without boundaries. Therefore, most genres are considered, but probably not “Young Adult Paranormal Romance,” because we’ve seen enough of that lately in other markets.

ZiN Daily

Submit 1 story, essay, article, review, or excerpt (maximum 4,000 words), up to 5 poems (maximum 4,000 words), up to 5 GIF poems, or up to 5 images. 

Zoetic Press: NonBinary Review

Looking for fiction and visual art that fits our themed calls for submission.