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10 x 10

This magazine has a rolling submission; as soon as I have ten stories I like, I will publish them.   If you wish to submit, you may send one unpublished fiction story of 500 words or less, a bio of any length, and a head and shoulders jpeg photo to

100 Word Story

We’re open for submissions the first week of each month. So get those stories ready to submit!  100 words for your story or essay … no more or no less. You get 100 words—exactly 100 words (did we already say that?)—which is both the pain and the pleasure here. It’s short, you tell yourself. You could write 100 words at a bus stop, on your lunch break, in your sleep.

101 Words

Make sure your story has exactly 101 words. Strangely, a lot of people get this wrong.

34 Orchard

We like dark, intense pieces that speak to a deeper truth. We’re not genre-specific; we just like scary, disturbing, unsettling, and sad. We like things we can’t put down and things that make us go “wow” when we’ve finished. But our main goal here at 34 Orchard is to publish the stuff we like to read, and you’re not in our heads. So don’t over think it. Just submit.

365 Tomorrows

Flash fiction submissions are to be 600 words or less, and should have been carefully edited for spelling and grammar *before* submission. We will not edit your stories unless there is an easily fixed honest mistake. Stories over the word limit, or with spelling or grammar mistakes will be rejected.

50 Word Stories

If you’d like to have a 50-word story that you wrote featured on, first make sure that you understand exactly what a 50-word story is, and then read the submission requirements below closely.

The Account

We are open to submissions fiction from May 1st - September 1st and from Nov. 15th - March 1st.


We're looking for good, solid fiction. We specialize in the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror genres. We will consider other genres, such as humor or general interest, provided that the work possesses an original, "quirky" slant.

American Short Fiction

American Short Fiction has published, and continues to seek, short fiction by some of the finest writers working in contemporary literature, whether they are established or new or lesser-known authors. In addition to its triannual print magazine, American Short Fiction also publishes stories (under 2000 words) online.

The Antihumanist

We want fiction that challenges human centered narratives, that force us to confront our place in the universe.

Apparition Lit

THEMED: We are open to unpublished speculative fiction stories and spec fic poems!  Speculative fiction is weird, almost unclassifiable. It’s fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and literary. Send us your strange, misshapen stories with enough emotional heft to break a heart, with prose that’s as clear and delicious as broth. 


We love work that is linguistically, intellectually, and emotionally demanding of the reader.  We want literary fiction that grows in complexity upon each visitation; we enjoy ornate, cerebral, and voluptuous prose executed with thematic intent.

The Barcelona Review

 Submit one story at a time for consideration to the editor. Do not send a second piece until you have received a response to the first. Word length: 4,500 words max.

Black Hare Press

Publishes fiction in various lengths and themes

Bourbon Penn

We are looking for highly imaginative stories with a healthy dose of the odd.  Odd characters, odd experiences, odd realities. We're looking for genre / speculative stories and are quite partial to slipstream, cross-genre, magic realism, absurdist, and the surreal.

The Brasilia Review

We are looking for quality contemporary literature. Stories of ideas, with exceptional or unusual prose, are welcome. We like experimental works and philosophy. If your work is of a genre, it should be highly literary.

Buckshot Magazine

We are looking for previously-unpublished stories of up to 2000 words in every genre and style (plus the occasional bit of poetry). Send us pieces that you think are important—the stories the world should read.

The Bureau Dispatch

We want your best work. We want fiction that is compelling and beautifully crafted; narratives that leave the reader breathless and changed. The kind of story that, when all is said and done, elicits a resounding "sh*t, yeah!"

The Cafe Irreal

The Cafe Irreal is a quarterly webzine that presents a kind of fantastic fiction infrequently published in English. This fiction, which we would describe as irreal, resembles the work of writers such as Franz Kafka, Kobo Abe, Clarice Lispector and Jorge Luis Borges

Café Lit

We’re looking for thought-provoking and entertaining stories, though ones that might be a tad different from what you normally read in a woman’s magazine. They should be the sort of length that would make it easy to read whilst you drink a cup of coffee, even if you linger a while, but without you needing to rent a table.

So, no more than 3000 words. Shorter stories and flash fiction are naturally very welcome.

Cast of Wonders

Cast of Wonders is a young adult short fiction market, open to stories up to 6,000 words in length.  We’re dedicated to publishing fiction that reflects the entire spectrum of the human experience. We acknowledge the realities of unconscious bias and make our best effort to account for it during our review process.

City. River. Tree.

Place your 100 to 500 word stories in the body of the email and double space between paragraphs

Coastal Shelf

We like surprises here at Coastal Shelf. Not Shyamalanian twists or deus-ex-machinas, but surprises at every level of language. We like to laugh but don’t like groaners—usually. We are ok with scratching our heads a bit at the end of a piece as long as the ride is good

The Colored Lens

The Colored Lens was created to showcase stories that shift our perspective on the world, through the far-reaching genre of speculative fiction. However, the fundamentals of good storytelling always come first: stories with characters we enjoy reading about and a solid plot. As long as your story includes them, we’d love to read it.


We are a publishing house based out of Sydney, Australia. Writing is our thing, and, if you're here, we're guessing that it is yours too. Specializing in short stories and novellas, our aim is to get great fiction out into the public forum so that you, the reader, can enjoy it just as much as we have.


We welcome the submission of original, unpublished work. Stories may be in any style or genre but should not exceed 5,000 words in length. Poems (maximum of three) should be no longer than 50 lines. Artwork must be available in high-res suitable for printing to A5. 


We are interested in fiction, poetry, nonfiction, reviews, visual art, and translations focused on the human consequences and realities of war and geopolitical violence. We do not consider work previously published in English.

coolest american stories

 3,500 to 10,000--exceptions made for stories w/ extraordinary promise to appeal to readers from all walks of life

Copperfield Review

We publish short historical fiction and history-based poetry. While we are no longer seeking history-based nonfiction, we are still open to submissions of historical fiction author interviews and historical novel reviews.

Cowboy Jamboree

If your fiction, creative nonfiction, vignette, flash, or photography merges any combination of the two definitions above, we're probably gonna dig it.  Not everything we accept for publication looks the same.  That said, words that describe stories we tend to like might include rural, hardscrabbled, rough-hewn, pulpy, noirish... and, of course, GRITTY.

Del Sol Review

We seek to publish unsolicited works of speculative fiction which includes (and this is not an exhaustive list) science fiction, fantasy, urban, steampunk, horror, alternate history, utopian, dystopian, and futuristic. Fiction submissions must be formatted in a standard manner and from 500 to 6000 words in length. We also accept excerptsfrom novels-in-progress up to 6000 words (please include a one page synopsis with novel excerpts.

Downstate Story

Story guidelines, in general: short fiction or narrative written to the standards of fiction, under 2000 words, never published before. Shorter is better. We prefer some connection with Illinois or the Midwest. 

Electric Spec

We consider any story between 250 and 7000 words with speculative fiction elements. We prefer science fiction, fantasy, and the macabre, but we're willing to push the limits of traditional forms of these genres

Every Day Fiction

Every Day Fiction is looking for very short (flash) fiction, of up to 1000 words. There’s no such thing as too short — if you can do the job in 50 words, have at it! — but our readers prefer pieces that tell or at least hint at a complete story (some sort of action or tension rising to a moment of climax, and at least a clue toward a resolution, though it doesn’t have to be all spelled out).

Fabula Argentea

Writers of quality fiction up to 8,000 words are invited to submit to our quarterly magazine.

Give us something unexpected. Amaze us with your writing, use of language, sense of story, and memorable characters. Give us a story that we and our readers will not be able to forget. Give us an intriguing opening or premise, then follow it through to a strong ending.

Fairy Tale Review

Writers may submit a single piece up to 1,000 words. We welcome short fiction, essays, lyric nonfiction, and scholarship.

The Fiction Desk

We are open for general short story submissions throughout the year, and also run a series of themed submission calls, including an annual ghost story call. To find out what's happening at the moment, please see the sidebar to the left.

Fiction International

Fiction, non-fiction, and indeterminate prose texts of up to 5,500 words as well as visuals.  Themed calls for submissions.

The Fictional Café

Your baristas are interested in all genres of short fiction, excerpts from novels, photographs, art, and fictional audio stories such as audio dramas or audiobook files from your published book. 

Fiction Week

We are always looking for new innovative and/or postmodern fiction. Leading-edge fiction of up to 5000 words will be considered. Selections of up to 5000 words from novels will also be considered. Submissions will be reviewed by the submissions committee, and you will be notified as soon as possible. (Unlike most literary magazines, there is no charge to submit.)

Fictive Dream

We publish fictional stories of between 500 and 2,500 words.

Flash Fiction Magazine

We accept fiction stories between 300–1000 words.

Flash Fiction Online

We are looking for complete 500- to 1000-word stories with crisp prose, well-developed characters, compelling plots, and satisfying resolutions. We want stories that engage our minds and emotions.  We publish across many genres, including speculative (science fiction, fantasy, slipstream, and horror) and literary fiction.

Flash Frog

Flash Frog publishes flash fiction only

Flash Frontier

Flash Frontier publishes flash fiction only

Flash Point SF

Flash Point Science Fiction wants speculative fiction stories from 100 to 1,000 words in length. Send us your science fiction, fantasy, slipstream, and everything in between, so long as it’s short. 

Fractured Lit

Fractured Lit publishes Micro and Flash Fiction from writers of any background or experience. Both Micro and Flash categories are open year-round and we do not charge any submission fees. We accept simultaneous submissions but ask that you inform us immediately and withdraw your work if your story is accepted elsewhere.

Friday Fix Fiction

Though definitions of the term vary, microfiction is a sub-genre of flash fiction. Simply put, it’s a story that is generally told in under 250 words. For this reason, “micro” poses a unique challenge to the writer because of its extreme brevity.

Frontier Tales

We're looking for well-written stories, stories that have some conflict in them. We want to see the hero, and everyone has a hero inside — but heroes only come out when they have to. Maybe your hero has to fight off the bad guys to save the town. That's fine. Maybe he has to fight to keep from taking that drink or else the family farm will be lost. That's fine too. Just give us conflict to be overcome.

The Future Fire

The Future Fire welcomes submissions of speculative fiction with a progressive, inclusive, and socially aware disposition. 

Ghost Parachute

We are currently accepting flash fiction that is 1000 words or less.

the new Gothic Review

We’re looking for previously unpublished short stories that embrace and reimagine Gothic fiction for the 21st century.


We want low fantasy, space opera, pulp fiction, swords-and-sorcery tales of mystery and adventure. We want your weird fiction, your eldritch horror, your wuxia, and your steampunk. Give us cryptids, give us aliens, give us vampires. If you think ‘lowbrow’ is an insult then we are not the right magazine for you. We also accept high fantasy, literary fiction, and ‘hard’ science fiction.


We pay 1¢ per word for fiction, and we try to respond to all submissions within seven weeks. We will also accept a limited number of previously published stories, so please indicate on the form if your submission is a reprint. All submissions must use the Shunn manuscript format (we prefer Courier New) and be either .rtf, .doc, or .docx.


Hermine is looking for short stories of less than 4000 words

Heroic Publishing

Seeking heroic fiction/fantasy stories.

Hobo Camp Review

We like travelers, troubadours, and transients of all shapes and sizes, especially those who can spin a good yarn, one with a sense of vagrancy, dark yet jovial and humble in the most outlaw manner possible.


We are a literary magazine of dark fiction, both short stories, and flash fiction. We want your best. But then, doesn’t everyone? No specific sub-genres or themes, just good stories. 


We accept fiction submissions in any genre so long as they adhere to our Golden Rule: every submission must feature a crime, or be related to crime in some way. All those who submit, whether successful or unsuccessful, will receive a response. 

Manawaker Studios

Submissions are open for Manawaker Studio’s Flash Fiction Podcast. We are currently reading for Season 6, which will run from Feb to Nov 2021, and include approximately 45 stories. The Flash Fiction Podcast is just what it sounds like. Most weeks, a new short-short story is put out in podcast form by Manawaker Studio, produced and hosted by CB Droege.

Maniacal Anthology

Maniacal Anthlolgoy is a new project by the makers of freeze frame fiction. It’ll be weird, it’ll be funny, and it’ll be more than a little messed up. Send us your twisted humor, your funny horror, or anything else you think will disturb and amuse us. Clever humor also welcome.

Microfiction Monday Magazine

Microfiction Monday Magazine welcomes multiple and simultaneous submissions, just let us know as soon as possible if your work is accepted elsewhere. 


We welcome unpublished flash fiction, poetry, short stories up to 3000 words, and amateur monochrome photography (the more creative the better!)

Nailpolish Stories

Stories should be exactly 25 words, title not included.  Please use Microsoft Word’s “word count” function.


Nanoism is a twitterzine, an online publication focused on nanofiction, which in this case refers to stories that clock in at a maximum of 140 characters.  We accept all genres of prose. However, we are most interested in literary fiction.

Nashville Review

We seek to publish the best work we can get our hands on, period. From expansive to minimalist, narrative to lyric, epiphanic to subtle: if it’s a moving work of art, we want it. 

Necessary Fiction

Send us unpublished fiction or flash fiction, not reprints, up to 3,000 words. Simultaneous submissions are fine. Do not send multiple submissions. We request that submitters wait 1 month after receiving a response before submitting a new piece to help us avoid back-ups in the queue.

Open Pen Magazine

We’re after short fiction with something to say. We publish three times a year and thus our it could take up to 4 months for us to read your review. Everyone reading your story is a volunteer, and it’s important that we all read submissions at the same time.

Pigeon Review

Stories that transport the reader and make them forget about their own lives, even if only for a brief moment. These are the stories we want. Stories that meander through city alleyways and country lanes. We want to feel as if we're also in that desert or in the middle of that argument. We want to see a snapshot of life, even something that blends the line between fiction and reality, a taste of magical realism.

Pocket Fiction

Writers, have you got a brilliant short story collecting digital dust in the depths of your laptop? We want you to pull them out and get them the readership they deserve!  We accept short stories, of any genre, between a minimum of 100 words (Drabble) and maximum 5,000 words. If it’s engaging, thought provoking, entertaining and can be read in under 20 minutes we want to hear from you.

Psychopomp Magazine

The Psychopomp Magazine staff is committed to publishing original fiction that dares to redefine traditional storytelling and genre borders.

Pulp Literature

Any genre or between-genre work of literature, or visual art (black and white for interiors, color for covers) up to 50 pages in length.  Short stories, novellas, poetry, comics, illustrations — bring it on.  We do not publish non-fiction, memoir, or children’s stories.  Aside from that, we want anything entertaining and well written.

Reflex Press

We publish one piece of outstanding flash fiction on our website every week. We also print full length books, collections, etc.

Ripe Fiction

Work must pull inspiration from a news story, article, essay, and/or other forms of media “current” at the time of submission.  500-word maximum. 


We publish stories on a wide range of subjects - we are, if you like, an alternative to the mainstream women's magazines. These are fine if you like writing or reading a particular type of story, but not much use if you write the sort of stories (horror, crime, contemporary fiction, etc) that do not appeal to the readership of that type of magazine.

Serial Magazine

We seek exciting stories that our readers will speed through. Our main goal is always to entice our readers to pick up the next issue of SERIAL. We accept all genres, however, we specialize in genre fiction like action-adventure, science-fiction, mystery, fantasy, horror, thriller, romance, and westerns.

Short Beasts

Short Beasts welcomes submissions from writers at all stages of their careers. Please thoroughly read our submission guidelines.  NOTE: Although we are highly selective, as a new publication, we seek volume. We encourage courage.

We like strong genre fiction - crime, fantasy, mystery, romance, science fiction, horror. We will also publish good work that does not necessarily fit into a particular genre - general. We don't publish erotica, polemics or non-fiction.  We will only accept stories up to 2000 words (use word count). We also publish a Flash Fiction category (up to 850 words) in the same genres as listed above


Spartan considers literary fiction submissions of one thousand words or less. Please read an issue before submitting. We accept simultaneous submissions, with the request that we are notified immediately if a piece is accepted for publication elsewhere.

State of Matter

We are looking for Speculative Fiction stories and poetry, which is a broadly defined category and includes Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Obscure, and other slipstream genres. While sexual themes are not frowned upon, kindly refrain from sending us hard erotica or gore. Apart from book reviews or interviews, we are quite liberal in the form of non-fiction entries we receive.


To steal a joke, StoryHack Magazine publishes both kinds of fiction – action and adventure.  I’m open to any genre, as long as there’s action and adventure.

Story Magazine

Story does not have any formal guidelines with regard to style, content, or length. We consider all "short" narrative fiction, from flash fiction to novellas. Please select one of the three categories that best fits the length of your story. Submissions to Story should not be longer than 25,000 words.

Story Quarterly

We are interested in previously unpublished fiction, including short stories, short shorts, and novel excerpts up to 6,250 words in length. We select work on the basis of style, craft, freshness, and vision.

Strange Horizons

Speculative fiction, broadly defined.  Up to 10,000 words (under 5000 preferred).

Three-Lobed Burning Eye

What We Publish: Original, unpublished speculative fiction.
Word Count: Short fiction 1001–7500 words, Flash fiction ≤1000 words, (2000–5000 preferred)

Timeless Tales

All fiction submitted must adhere to the specified theme called for in the upcoming issue.

Tiny Molecules

We accept flash fiction under 1,000 words. Please submit no more than three pieces  (you may submit all in a single document, but please clearly mark the beginning of each piece).


Uncanny is looking for original, unpublished speculative fiction stories between 750-6000 words. Payment is $.10 per word (including audio rights). We will reject any story that doesn’t follow our guidelines and procedures. You may not resubmit a rejected story. If you aren’t sure if your story counts as unpublished, please query us.

Vestal Review

Vestal Review is a magazine for flash fiction. We realize that a flash story has different definitions, and all of them have merit. For us, a flash story is no longer than 500 words, and it moves from point A to point B. If it’s longer than 500 words or is too static, it’s not for us. 

Visibility Fiction

Short, young adult fiction with protagonists with diverse identities

Weird Little Worlds

We are looking for stories that are juicy—full of plot and awesome. But that doesn’t mean we want to skimp on taste. Give us your gorgeous prose, your vast landscapes of wonder, and your characters that make us care. We want to be inspired by you, frightened by you, and forever changed by you. 

Wild Rose Press

The Wild Rose Press, Inc. is a royalty-paying publisher. We accept queries from genres other than romance. Including but not limited to women’s fiction, mystery or thriller, historical fiction, and erotica.

The Wondrous Real Magazine

We are looking for writing and art that intertwines the marvelous with the mundane and uses it to convey a message. Tell us about the magic that lives at the dinner table; the creatures that walk alongside us unseen; the power that takes hold of individuals when they fight for what they care about.


While we will look at any Fiction or Creative Nonfiction submission up to 7500 words, these words counts are our sweet spots.  Fiction: 500-1200, Creative Nonfiction: 3000-6000.  If you poke at our sweet spots, we will love your bones forever.


Stories up to 10,000 words; query for longer.  All stories must be furry.  That means an anthropomorphic animal figure should be significantly featured in your story — it could be anthropomorphic in body or only intelligence. We’ll consider any type of furry fiction from secret life of animals to fox in Starbucks.  

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